Book Signing Wednesday, April 4

April 4 – 25, 2018

Richard Filipowski, "Two Lovers" USA, ca. 1970 

Richard Filipowski, "Venus", USA, ca. 1960-1965. 

Richard Filipowski, "Polish Grand Reunion", USA, ca. 1960-1965. 

Richard Filipowski, "Arcadia", USA, ca. 1970

Richard Filipowski, Untitled, United States, ca. 1970 

Richard Filipowski, "Gensis", United States, ca.1960s

RICHARD FILIPOWSKI (Canadian 1923-2008)

Excellence, 1951

Oil on canvas

41 x 31.25 inches

RICHARD FILIPOWSKI (Canadian, 1923 - 2008)

Reed, ca. 1960-1965

phosphor bronze, silver

64" H x 8" W x 6" D

RICHARD FILIPOWSKI (Canadian 1923-2008)

Untitled Painting, ca.1948-1950

Casein on Paper

29 H x 23 W inches 

RICHARD FILIPOWSKI (Canadian 1923-2008)

Untitled, Drawing, Ink and casein on paper, 

USA, 1948 - 1950

RICHARD FILIPOWSKI (Canadian 1923-2008)

Painting, ca.1948-1950

Casein on Paper

29 H x 23 W inches 

RICHARD FILIPOWSKI (Canadian 1923-2008)

General Wolfe, ca.1960-65

Bronze and Silver

92 H x 8 W x 8 D inches 

RICHARD FILIPOWSKI (Canadian 1923-2008)

Three Waves, ca.1960-65

Phosphor bronze and silver

51 H x 28 W x 5 D inches

RICHARD FILIPOWSKI (Canadian 1923-2008)

Untitled, ca.1960-65

Phosphor bronze and silver

48 H x 25 W x 25 D inches 

Press Release

Hostler Burrows is pleased to announce a book reception on Wednesday, April 4, from 6 – 8 pm, in honor of the newly published monograph Richard Filipowski: Art and Design Beyond the Bauhaus (Monacelli Press), at the Gallery at 35 E. 10th Street, New York City. The book’s editor and contributor Marisa Bartolucci will be signing copies. In conjunction with the vintage modern dealer Larry Weinberg, a contributor to the book, and the Filipowski Trust, Hostler Burrows will also present Filipowski’s second solo exhibition in New York, featuring sculpture, flat art, jewelry, and never-before-seen furniture. The exhibition will run from April 4 - 25, 2018 at the Gallery.


Richard Filipowski (1923 – 2008) was among the most gifted polymaths in the annals of American modernism. Whether in painting, sculpture, or furniture and jewelry design, he developed a lush, abstract, and amazingly coherent visual language that marks him among the most distinctive figures of midcentury art and design.

As a student at the Institute of Design (formerly the New Bauhaus) in Chicago, Filipowski quickly became a protégé of founder László Moholy-Nagy, who featured several of Filipowski's works in his seminal text Vision in Motion (1947); Filipowski was the only student Moholy-Nagy called upon to join the faculty in Chicago. After Moholy-Nagy’s death, Walter Gropius recruited the young artist and educator to develop a course in design fundamentals at Harvard, where he was dean of the architecture school. The course Filipowski developed remains a cornerstone of design pedagogy to this day. Soon after, Filipowski moved to MIT where he taught for more than three decades, until his retirement in 1988.


With a foreword by Hattula Moholy-Nagy, Richard Filipowski: Art and Design Beyond the Bauhaus is the first monograph of this master, who over the course of his career created a unique body of work in diverse media that until recently has largely been held in private collections. Through the efforts of the Filipowski family, his work is now being widely exhibited and is receiving new attention by art and design scholars – several of whom have contributed essays to the monograph – and is being introduced to an enthusiastic new generation of aficionados. This book is a rich document of a life and career that played a key role in the canon of modernism and is finally poised to enter it.

-- Richard Filipowski: Art and Design Beyond the Bauhaus, ed. Marisa Bartolucci, The Monacelli Press, 2018

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