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All is Flux #2



GITTE JUNGERSEN (Danish, b.1967)

All is Flux #2, 2015

Glazed porcelain

34.75" H x 46" W x 2" D

Glaze comes into being when various raw minerals coalesce and transform, becoming something new and stable as a result of the firing’s dramatic, destructive and disintegrating forces. Gitte Jungersen sets about things in a radical manner in her attempts to bring out and explore the materiality of clay and glazes. She continually experiments with her foundational understanding of the ceramic process, challenging and breaking down common conceptions of the role of the clay and glaze as being that which bears and that which is borne. Jungersen has developed a raw but sophisticated and controlled artistic expression of pure physical force and bodily present substance. The transformation which occurs during the firing is retained as a frozen moment of a dynamic dimension that is felt and attracts like a quivering undertone in the finished work – a poetic expression of precise form and volcanic eruption. 

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