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HERINGA/VAN KALSBEEK  (Liet Heringa, Dutch, b.1966 and Maarten van Kalsbeek, Dutch, b.1962)

Flocking Butterflies, 2020

Ceramic, resin, steel

64.5" H x 39.825" W x 23.33" D

That static visual art can also look like a living natural phenomenon is evident in many works by the artistic duo Heringa/Van Kalsbeek. For more than 25 years, since their student days at the Rietveld Academie (Monumental Design Department), Liet Heringa and Maarten van Kalsbeek have regulary worked together. For their co-productions they have officially operated as ‘Heringa/Van Kalsbeek’ since 1998. Nature and its typical aspects of ‘growth’ and ‘decay’ constitute an important point of departure for their three-dimensional mostly assembled work. Plants, branches and flowers, real or cast, are often combined with fragments of existing sculptures in such a way that ‘grew’ from the fertile creative dialogue between the two artists.

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