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KAREN BENNICKE (Danish, b.1943)

Spatial Collage I, 2020

Terracotta, slip

24.5" H x 11" W

Awe-inspiring methodology and consistency spanning more than half a century are the underpinnings of Karen Bennicke’s ceramic practice. She works serially and thematically, but never repetitively, creating sensorial and complex sculptures from observation of landscapes, urban structures and iconic modernist architecture, such as her recent works based on a building by French architect George Adilon. Each inspiration and field of interest is examined thoroughly and developed towards a rigorously controlled concept, from which visions freely flow through her ongoing fascination with the spatial relationship between two and three dimensionality. These ceramic works display familiar references, but also defy easy identification or narrative. Bennicke continues to enthrall her audience with new forays and insights into the complexities of the geometric, seeking to erode the barriers between the logical and tangible world that we experience in everyday life, and the illogical, unknown and absurd.

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