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Helical Stack V



MAREN KLOPPMANN (German, b.1962)

Helical Stack V, 2019

Glazed porcelain, hand-built, elements 18

70" H x 37" W x 10" D

Maren Kloppmann (German, b. 1962) is a ceramic artist living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Serene in palette and refined in form, Kloppmann’s work strikes an elegant balance — in her words “a visual confluence of serendipity and precision, where intuition and intention intersect.” While acknowledging the influence of conceptual ideologies of Modernism and Minimalism, her work takes visual cues from both man-made constructs and the natural world. These broad and divergent sources applied through Kloppmann’s mastery of clay yield work that appears at once rigid and soft, tangible and ethereal, systematic and random. This balance is the through-line of the artist’s practice.

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