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Mogens Lassen

“Egyptian” Folding Coffee Table

ca. 1940


MOGENS LASSEN (Danish, 1901-1987)

Egyptian” Folding Table, Denmark, ca. 1940

Mahogany, brass

21" H x 39.25” diameter

Mogens Lassen (Danish, 1901 - 1987) was an architect and designer who began his career as a brick layer before attending the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1923. After his traditional schooling, he learned more while working for architect Tyge Hvass, becoming a highly respected colleague. In 1927, Lassen traveled to Paris, where he became acquainted with Le Corbusier and his work, even receiving an invitation to join Le Corbusier’s studio, which Lassen turned down, thinking his French skills were underdeveloped. Upon his return to Denmark, Lassen started his own firm in 1935.

Lassen’s designs were created for people he knew or would want to know; he took a full-scale approach to his work, creating both the exterior of his homes, but also their interiors – kitchens, chairs, tables, sofas – everything necessary to live within a full Lassen creation. Lassen also placed importance on the outdoor spaces, allowing both function and nature to space the homes’ interiors and exteriors.

Lassen is considered to be one of the fathers of Functionalism within Denmark, the style which brought international fame to Scandinavian design. His early steel furniture show innovations within the International style, while his later wood furniture are iconic within Danish furniture. Lassen received Denmark’s highest honor, the C.F. Hansen Medal in 1971.

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