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Hortus Talisman #28



MYUNGJIN KIM (Korean, b. 1975)

Hortus Talisman #28, 2023

Terracotta, terra sigilata, white underglaze

18.5" H x 15" W x 11.5" D

MyungJin Kim was born in 1975, South Korea. She received her MFA in ceramic art in Seoul National University in 2002 after which she moved to Los Angeles.

In this current body of work, Kim sculpts organically shaped bas-relief clay vessels in warm, earthy terracotta. While the themes in her work are archetypal, the artists filters and distills information from her immediate surroundings and cultural history as poignant subject matter in her art. Her narrative vessels depict a primal botanical landscape inspired by the Jurassic era vegetation in her garden and around Los Angeles. 

Deeply embedded in Korean culture is the shamanistic practice of strategically placing symbolically meaningful paintings, drawings and special objects in the home or temple as talisman for protection.

Her ceramic art can be found in the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Eugene, OR, The Pizzuti Collection in the Columbus Museum of Art, The Resnick Collection in Los Angeles, The Archie Bray Foundation Collection in Helena, Montana, The Sonny Kamm Teapot Collection in Los Angeles. As well her work can be found in numerous private collections in the United States.

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