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Steen Ipsen

Ellipse 32



STEEN IPSEN (Danish, b. 1966)

Ellipse 32, 2021

Glazed earthenware, PVC 

17" H x 12.5" W x 12.5" D

In the Ellipses series Danish artist Steen Ipsen extends his long-time exploration of module-based spatiality.These highly complex and elegant ceramic structures, with their boldness of color and pop-culture brightness and brilliance, may evoke associations of cellular models of unspecified natural origin, or present themselves as purely abstracted sculptural expressions rooted in the geometric.The perfected, high gloss surfaces cast infinite reflections which optically expand the work and connect it with its surrounding space and thus the viewer.A web of tightly strung PVC connects each component of the sculpture to the next in an interlacing network, and its materiality and color further enhance a contemporary design aesthetic that is visually decorative, immediate, sensuous and strongly physical.

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