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Jasmin Anoschkin

Blood Orange in the Garden of Nanny Still and Lonerva


Jasmin Anoschkin
Jasmin Anoschkin
Jasmin Anoschkin


JASMIN ANOSCHKIN (Finnish, b.1980)

Blood Orange in the Garden of Nanny Still and Lonerva, 2019


19" H x 21" W x 12" D

Jasmin Anoschkin (Finnish, b. 1980) is a multi-disisplinary artist whose practice includes ceramic and wood sculpture, paintings and works on paper, and video. She lives and works in Helsinki, Finland where she is a member of the Arabia Art Department Society. Anoschkin has exhibited widely for the past ten years. Most known for her sculptural works in clay, Anoschkin creates a surreal animal kingdom. Equal parts life-like and cartoonish, the fantasy figures invite the viewer into a land of make believe. 

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