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VEERA KULJU (Finnish, b. 1975)

Dusk, 2019


27.5" H x 21.75" W x 6" D

Artist Veera Kulju describes herself as a “hybrid of a curious, random minded artist and a rational, business orientated designer.” She uses ceramics and textiles in her work, layering multiple small elements with slight variations to create larger meanings. Working predominantly in black or white glazed clay, she experiments with unexpected materials and motifs.

In Kulju’s Popcorn series, the artist uses actual popcorn, mixing it into porcelain to transform a popular snack into a refined artistic element. In this series she often uses pigment or gold leaf to heighten the texture and emphasize the materiality of the media. In her most recent Mirror series, Kulju plays with the viewer’s sense of perception, as the works only reference the shape and scale of mirrors, not actually featuring any reflective qualities.

Kulju studied at Aalto University and was a visiting artist at the Arabia Art Department in 2017 – 2018. Her work was commissioned to be included in the Finnish State Art Collection and was recently acquired by the NationalMuseum in Stockholm. She has exhibited widely throughout Finland and abroad.

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