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New York

May 17 – June 30, 2017

Press Release

"Totem is the name I've chosen for this exhibit of digital drawings based on my seven year meditation practice. Their purpose is keeping an ongoing visual interpretation / record of the personal experience and relationship to this practice. They function as reminders of ideals, intuition, dreams, failures, myths, hopes, beauty, chaos, quiet, loss, eternity, light, and truth."

Julio Espada is continuously sketching and drawing, currently working on a series of modular digital art works based on his meditation practice. The rhythm of the drawings echoes the movement of thought where one leads seamlessly to the next. 

As an artist and highly creative individual Espada’s diverse background includes his years as a renowned clothing designer under his eponymous label and international projects in interior design and product development. Highlights of his career comprise 3 covers of Vogue Magazine and the first ever fashion installation at MoMA PS1. 

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