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Jasmin Anoschkin

Hot Dog Lips Duck



JASMIN ANOSCHKIN (Finnish, b.1980)

Hot Dog Lips Duck, 2019

Glazed stoneware

16" H x 19" W x 7" D

Jasmin Anoschkin (Finnish, b. 1980) is a Helsinki-based multi-disciplinary artist whose practice includes ceramic and wood sculpture, paintings, works on paper, and video. Her exuberant and fantastical aesthetic springs from an amalgam of sources, melding the languages of contemporary folk art, souvenirs, pop culture, and the toy industry. Anoshkin’s imaginative, spontaneous and naïve depictions of hybrid animals, creatures conjured from her own fairytale world and personal experiences, express a sincere and frank honesty. Although whimsical, they are also injected with profound themes such as diversity and individuality, presenting an optimistic viewpoint for unusual and different beings existing within the world at large. 

Anoschkin creates her work entirely by her own hand whether sculpting in wood, building clay, or drawing with a brush. This is especially apparent in her ceramic pieces as she often leaves traces of the physical processes with molding, squeezing and building resulting in bumpy or idiosyncratic surfaces. Additionally, with her tiles and plates she draws paints in blue glazes. Whereas, with the wood sculptures, power tools are often required and her individual hand is noticeable in the painting. Anoschkin has now expanded her practice to performative videos where she turns into one of her magical characters rejoicing in her sense of self. No matter the media, her widely bold works make for unforgettable imagery that is, all together, a carnivalistic gesamtkunstwerk. 

Anoschkin received a Masters of Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and is a member of the Arabia Art Department Society. She has exhibited widely over the past ten years.

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