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The Acrobats



MARTA PALMIERI (Italian, b. 1973) 

The Acrobats, 2017


20.4" H x 15" W x 5" 

Marta Palmieri (Italian, b. 1973) is an artist whose ceramic works are characterized by the combination of painting and clay, honoring the nature of earth in its simplest expressions. Reflecting the environment through color, texture, and shadow, she pays homage to both the natural world around her while also embracing the inherent elements of her material.

With a focus on compositional balance as well as juxtaposition of line and texture, Palmieri uses refractory clays shaped from slabs to create her lightweight compositions. She uses multiple finishing techniques, layering glazes, oxidization, and etching to achieve varied, dynamic surfaces. Palmieri often places her objects in groupings, challenging perceptions of balance and gravity by arranging them in seemingly-precarious stacks.

Palmieri has an extensive background in the arts; she studied visual art and architecture before attending the Fine Art Academy of Urbino, where she focused on painting, drawing, and sculpture. Her work has been exhibited widely in galleries, museums, and competitions both within Italy and internationally. Her sculptures are featured in public collections and museums around the world.

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